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Problems we’re facing


is retired and a full-time caregiver for his wife. He is so busy with day-to-day caregiving responsibilities he has piles of paperwork sitting around that need his attention, but he doesn’t have time.
Who can he turn to?


Tammy is a caregiver for her sister who is home bound. She thinks her sister will be more comfortable in a hospital bed. How does Tammy start researching and shopping for a bed? Who can help her?



Amanda is a caregiver for her husband. She knows her husband has strong feelings about his final arrangements. How does Amanda go about documenting his wishes and begin the planning process?



Miguel cares for his parents who live on the other side of the country. He tries to visit as often as he can but he works full time and has a family of his own. He needs help to monitor their well-being and coordinate care. How can he manage a care team from a distance?



Elsa lives independently. A close friend has just passed away. This event has motivated her to document her care wishes and plan. Where does she start and who will take care of her cat?


Of people aged 45-54 have lost one or both parents


Of older adults have
no written plans for end-of-life

4.5 yrs

Is the average caregiving duration. Much longer than many family members anticipate when they take on this role.